Team Archie

Richard sawyer

Richie (bottom left) is a family friend and trained me from the age of 7, together we won 6 national titles back to back. We've had enough ups and downs to write a book but he's always been loyal, other than the time he dropped me for a woman. Welcome back, you missed me tormenting you.

Archie Dublin

Archie (right hand side) has been part of the team since my first ever amateur fight and incredibly loyal. I've never known a man who keeps himself in such great shape. Love having you in the team pal.

Linda Keen

Linda, my mind coach and what a lovely lady. She has the unenviable task of playing around inside my head. Really helping me develop my focus and mental skills for competition.

Gary Waddilove

Gary will love this tanned facial close up!! He is the owner of South East Tanker Services, a true friend, mentor and sponsor. If only he put as much passion and energy into his golf as he does helping me, he'd be playing off scratch.

Toby Woods

A very good friend and my strength and conditioning trainer. Clearly making a huge impact judging by all my recent stoppages.


Seyfi is Batsh*t Crazy but with a heart of Gold. He owns one of my favourite restaurants The VineYard. Stop trying to fatten me up before the 'Weigh In' Seyfi!

Duncan Stannet

Duncan (on the right) is the owner of Barnes Roffe and always been a great help. Keeps surprising me and now Richie is training him too. We'll have you in the ring soon!

Noel Thornton

Noel looking glorious modelling one of my T-Shirts is the founder of Thornton Logistics and been by myside throughout my short pro career. He is a massive softy when it comes to me boxing, great man with a heart of gold to match his colour.

MTK Marbella

I made a great decision switching to MTK (Mack The Knife-Marbella). We are off to a great start and I look forward to working with them for many years.

Frank Warren

Frank has been my promoter now for over 2 years and clearly needs no introduction. Frank has put on some great shows and I am working my way up the card.