My Story

As a kid computer games didn’t really interest me, I was a proper 'Boy', out on the bike, getting dirty, climbing, small mischief, but always very active and wanted to try my hand at as many sports as possible. Dad encouraged me to try boxing as he felt it important that I knew how to defend myself. So at the tender age of 7 years old he took me to the local Boxing Club; Eltham ABC. Apparently I was too young to start but with a bit of gentle persuasion from dad, Richie Sawyer took me on and I found something else that I was good at. I was still playing rugby, swimming regularly and became pretty decent at both but decided that I must channel my efforts into one sport and I chose boxing. I soon made it to 8 National Finals, winning 6 to make me the 6X National Champion, then became a 3X Tri Nation Gold medalist, I won Gold medal against Ireland and also travelled to Russia for the Europeans and bagged a Silver medal.
Temptation is everywhere for teenagers growing up and even though I might have strayed from the right path a few times I feel lucky that friends and family have always been there to guide me back on track. Richie has also been at the heart of that. We've been training together now for over 15 years. On the journey we have had our ups and downs and I've experienced a few other clubs and trainers on the way, but Richie is the trainer who gets the best out of me. I train every day and my focus and discipline is stronger than ever. We are doing very well and now promoted by Frank Warren and managed by MTK Marbella.
I consider myself very fortunate as a pro, the support I have had is incredibly humbling. I am so grateful to my fans for following me and buying tickets, to South East Tankers Services, Thornton Logistics, Barnes Roffe, Brawl Sports, The Vineyard Restaurant, Linda Keen and may others for helping me get to this stage and enabling me now to drive on.

I recognize the importance of being healthy and live like an athlete. I train hard, surround myself with positive influences and have big dreams of one day becoming World Champion. I want to give myself every chance of fulfilling my dreams and then be an in position to give back to my family. Family is everything!